Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Memorial Neurological Association has executed its contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and will continue In-Network benefits for our Patients.
Please log into your Follow My Health portal and verify your personal information, contact details and insurance data is accurate and up‑to‑date.


Don’t worry, we’re not going far…

We are excited to announce that Dr. Edmundson will be relocating his clinic in LaGrange, TX to a new office effective:

June 2023

Our new office address will be:

40 East Ave., Schulenburg, TX 78956

Our telephone and fax number will remain unchanged.

Tel     713-772-4600

Fax    713-772-2210

We welcome all of our patients – old and new – to visit us in our new office!  We look forward to continuing to serve our patients in the community!