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“August 11, 2022

Recommendation: Dr. Herbert P. Edmundson, JR.

One of the most significant moments in my medical history occurred on April 4, 2002, when I suffered a stroke. Thankfully, my Primary Physician, directed me to my neurologist, Dr. Herbert P. Edmundson, Jr. That was a pivotal moment in my life, for after 20 years of treatment with Dr. Edmundson, I have fully regained self- confidence in my ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing and establish essential stability and peace in my daily life.

Dr. Edmundson was the first professional to explain my diagnosis as a “migraine stroke!” I had never heard of such, even though I and other family members had a history of debilitating migraines.

Initially, I had difficulty finding appropriate words and names, and especially found it frustrating to recall people’s names, (even my best friends), or to write down telephone numbers, or dates, and remember specific events.

Dr. Edmundson’s questions were always specific, analytical, probing and insightful, not only for his analysis, but for my own understanding of what had happened to me and even more importantly, how to deal with the multiple voids in my memory and thought processes and ultimately gradually adjust to new realities during my recovery. His advice to me: “Please understand that you’ll achieve your goal, but your brain will have to create new neural pathways (routes) to reach your ultimate destination.” “It will take time and you must be patient with yourself.” “Don’t stress or intimidate yourself if you can’t remember something, especially in the presence of others.”

Dr. Edmundson also treated the entire patient. Years ago, I appeared at one of my appointments with a slipper on my right foot because I had injured my ankle/leg the day before. Dr. Edmundson immediately asked his staff to make an appointment the same day with a specialist in the building. The end result: I was treated with a medical boot which enabled me to walk with minimal discomfort or pain on that ankle/foot.

Dr. Edmundson is Board Certified in Psychiatry & Neurology also highly regarded by other medical specialists. My ear surgeon, endocrinologist and cardiologist also describe him as “The best in his field.” He is the Gold Standard, The Olympic Gold Medal, for those in the medical profession.

It is with the deepest gratitude and respect that I recommend Dr. Herbert P. Edmundson, JR., M.D., PhD., for those of you looking for a world-class Neurologist. He has been a profound blessing in my life and the lives of my entire family.”